Sacred Liturgy

Mass in Different Languages

Masses in Latin

The Mass is celebrated according to the Roman Missal 1962 at the following parishes:
– Our Lady of Consolation, Philadelphia
– Our Lady of Lourdes, Philadelphia
– Saint Mary, Conshohocken
– Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Norristown
– The Shrine in Doylestown.

Formation of Extraordinary MMinisters of Holy Communion and Lectors

The Office for Divine Worship moderates the training and appointment of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for all institutions throughout the Archdiocese. All new Extraordinary Ministers, after selection by their pastor/chaplain, are expected to attend one of the Archdiocesan Training Sessions in addition to training on the local level. A pastor/chaplain should inform the Office for Worship if he conducts his own training session. Once the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is properly trained, then a letter of appointment is sent in the name of the Archbishop by the Office for Worship. All parishes and institutions maintain their own records of active Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

The Office for Divine Worship sponsors an annual workshop for coordinators of parish lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Visit the Workshop Tab for further details.

New and Renovated Churches and Chapels

The Office for Divine Worship provides guidance for the liturgical arrangement and appointments for new and renovated churches and chapels.

Parish Contacts for the Office for Divine Worship

Each parish has designated contacts, identified by the pastor, with the Office for Divine Worship. These contacts receive regular electronic communications for publication and dissemination to the appropriate parish groups.  Please use this form to provide current information to our office.